Teaching and Mentoring for the
Evolution and Enlightenment of YOU and the Earth.

When you look over the panorama of your life…
Do you feel something is missing
Do you feel you have not done what you intended to do?

There are people that have come to earth for some of the following reasons.

  • There is an evolution of consciousness unfolding in all lands with all peoples.  Some of us are here to assist others in that unfolding and in discovering and uncovering their true selves.
  • As a people we have been disconnected from the spirit realm.  Media and religions have told scary and untrue stories about the generative spirits that wish to gift to us and work with us to heal our planet, our selves and the relationship between the seen and unseen worlds.
  • Our home, our earth is in distress and it is time to stop taking, taking and taking energy from her, and begin giving back.

My target and mission is to bring tools into your life that allow you to change and become the being that you intended to be when you chose this incarnation.

Tools for your facilitation include:

  • Life Coaching helps you sort through your life now, and begin to see how you can have a life that is more generative, full of receiving  and being the beautiful gift of the universe that you are.
  • Body process and energy work to keep your body on track with your spirit, preventing or correcting upsets between you and your body including what is going on outside your body.
  • Energetic and emotional clearing utilizing specific pure essential oils from Young Living Essential oils.
  • Verbal process from Access Consciousness® founded by Gary Douglas, that brings up the energies that are blocking you, then begin to eliminate them based on your intentions.
  • Re-connection with your spiritual team.  Elimination of any spirits that are no longer serving your purpose.
  • Tarot and other types of readings.
  • Crystal Healing and Shamanic journey work to discover any unconsciousness that is preventing you from moving forward.  Shamanic techniques are used to clear these energies.

You are always at choice during any session.  You make the final decision in all processes.

For more information please call 864-884-4139.

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