Hi, my name is Patti Lee Thomas

I work with people seeking relief from
negative thoughts, feelings and memories
to live a life with
less stress and more purpose


How does this work?


When you decide to have less stress and more purpose, or create a goal, a plan, or a creative project  …

The greatest gift you will ever receive shows up.
Right away and automatically!

A list of all the things that are between you and the realization of your decision.  They sound like this …

I don’t know how to …
What would it feel like to have that
What would ______ think of me if I did that?
Where does the money come from?
Who would help me?  And how can I find them?
I don’t want to be one of THOSE people…  

What would your life be like with less thoughts, feelings and memories? 



Let’s chat about that.  Click here to set up a zoom conversation with me.  This will set an appointment for an hour and a half if we need that much time. Book that zoom now.  Click here.

There is no obligation whatsoever.  


Patti Lee is not a therapist or counselor. Patti Lee is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and a Destiny Key Coach.  She has studied Bob Proctor materials in leadership, coaching and goal achieving.  And now she is facilitating this amazing material for you.  Book a Discovery zoom right now and start your explorations.


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