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Below Quarks

Below the atom, the electron, the neurons, the protons and even smaller than a quark, is a place of magic and mystery called the quantum field. In this field there is energy and matter. Bits are matter are morphing into … Continue reading

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All in one place

Well, thankfully all my miscellaneous blog posts are in one place now…here! These would be items from previous written journals that I want to keep, posts from caringbridge when that was needed in 2011 and 2012, posts from my ‘named’ … Continue reading

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Grandmaster David Harris

We went to Denver NC today to see Grandmaster David Harris and learn about the updates on his SRC4U software. We were ready in the car by 10AM and we met our friend at the Burger King at I-85 shortly … Continue reading

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Direct Sign

Again, I ask for a direct sign, a surprising and wonderful sign from he field that I made a connection with you this morning as I wrote my affirmations. I ask that you make the sign so surprising and so … Continue reading

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Abundance Treatment

This is the first Spiritual Mind Treatment that I memorized.  It comes from Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville, NC.  Elaine and I modified it to work for our personal intentions. I know that God is the source of all supply, … Continue reading

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