Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the changes in me lately? Have you noticed that there is more ease in my life, that I do not gary on bars cell shapesget upset so quickly? What used to irritate me … I no longer have in my awareness?

It is my life play to have my bars run every week. I have a friend that I swap with as much as possible, and Elaine and I swap as much as possible. I would enjoy swapping with you also. What fun we could have.

Does this seem like something you would like to add to your life? The class is the Bars by Access Consciousness and we offer this class at Acorn Integrative Health.

Do not miss the whispers of your body asking you to learn this and swap with anyone in the local group for a weekly session. Your body and your life will thank you exponentially! Wonder what ease, joy and glory your life could be?


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What is your strongness

How much do you spend time in the wrongness of you when that is the place of your greatest strongness. What would it take for you to turn that around?

What would it take for you to step out, step up, blow it out and become that strongness and claim the brilliance and beauty and creativity that is you?

Choice and questions are the most powerful agents of change?  What question can you ask today, to function in your strongness right away?

What are you turning yourself down for anyway?


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Ripples of Love


I was talking with some dear friends today about how; on the one hand, it seems that everyone is at odds with each other because of local and world events; and on the other hand, so many of us are really interested in increasing our consciousness and choosing something greater for ourselves and those we love.

What would it take for us to drop our judgments about world events and national events? What would it take to focus on our personal choices, consciousness and community?

Wonder what that would look like?

What would it take for the ripple of love, community and conscious choices to start where you are, and move out into your local community, into your state, into your country and into the world?

Wonder if it could start with you?

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Tapping at Acorn Integrative Health

Tapping is simple to learn and it can releases the ’emotional charge’ on memories and thoughts that pop up in your mind.  These stubborn thoughts and memories can get in the way when you are wanting to be your powerful self or make a change.  (Here is a tapping chart of the face points.)

We have been getting amazing clearing with our simple techniques.  As you come twice a month (1st and 3rd Tuesday) and learn how this works, then you can do it for yourself!

Elaine and Patti are not high tech and we do everything with a phone call.  So if you need clearer directions or get lost, you can call us the night of the class.  864-848-5291 You will not reach us if you text to this land line or use the message feature in Meet up.  Just give us a good old fashioned phone call.

Our meetup group is Upstate Medicine Tree Community.  Copy and paste the link and you can register for any classes available.  http://www.meetup.com/Upstate-Medicine-Tree-Community/


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The Power of the Pendulum

Classes are beginning at Windsong Spiritual Retreat.  Here are the details.

Using your pendulum to only get yes and no answers is like using rabbit ears for television.  It works, but reception can be fuzzy and you miss out on a lot!

Patti Lee teaches a unique active pendulum technique that increases your psychic abilities, improves your focused intent, and connects you to your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides in a simple and easy way.  You will develop your own charts for moving and clearing energies, increase your certainty and confidence in your answers, and know how to phrase your questions effectively.

Each month will be a different topic of focus.  Bring your pendulum, paper and pens for notes and designing your charts.

The second Monday night of each month.

$20.00 per class

Register at http://www.meetup.com/Oracle-of-the-Age/events/163593622/

Bio for this class:

Patti Lee Thomas is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and an empathic energy healer.  Her psychic abilities have been active since childhood.  She began her formal training in the 70’s and continues to study, currently seeking a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

Patti Lee has been using a pendulum and dowsing since the mid 80’s.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher in addition to studying Crystal Healing with Katrina Rafael, Spiritual Response Therapy with Robert Detzler (a pendulum based healing system), and Muscle Response Therapy with Darlene Haberer (deviceless dowsing). She has also studied with Raymon Grace.

Contact Patti Lee: 864-884-4139

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Coaching Process

Intuitive coaching with Patti Lee has a high level process structure. You may use this map as you think about your coaching process.


Using charts and intuitive tools you become clear about where you are and how your dream could change your life.


Through guided meditations, crystals, divine imagery and more, you design a complete vision of what your life will be like after you process through your changes.  You step into that precious vision to complete this step.


Experiencing the delicate balance between imagination and energy shifts to give you certainty and a sure commitment, you begin the work to transform your conscious and sub-conscious minds.


Using your exacting right brain, you design an overview and detailed plan to implement your vision to change your life.


Goals and action steps are developed for your next step.  This is an ongoing process as you work through your plan, step by step, reframing and revising as you move forward with your new life.


If you work this process on your own and find yourself stuck, consider 2 or 4 coaching sessions to get you over that hump and back to your process.

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Habit change

Figuring out how to put your life back together after a long term illness or any other long term change, is more challenging than most expect. Habits that are established during that time are entrenched and stubborn.

The first step is to be gentle with how you speak to yourself about change. Your body, mind and spirit will respond more favorably to a kind, gentle, forgiving voice rather than a nagging, fault finding voice.

Habits established are easiest to change by replacing them with new, more empowering habits.  Here is a self help process.

  • Make a list of the habits you wish to change.  Check your list for your wording of each habit.  Make sure they are succinct.
  • Prioritize this list, marking the ‘parent’ habits and the ‘children’ habits of each parent.
  • The next step is to see if any parent group is a child of any other parent group.  When you see your habits in this perspective, you will notice that working on the parent instead of the children, could possibly shift the entire parent group at one time.  This gives you more leverage over how you change your life.
  • Start with the first parent or parent group habit and determine what you would like instead of that habit.  Take enough care and time to choose wisely, but don’t dawdle.
  • Once you know what you want instead, lay out your plans to step by step make the changes that you desire.  When your new desired habits are really habits (3 months minimum), move on to the next parent or parent group habit from your original list.

If you find you are stuck somewhere in the process, think about 2 or 4 coaching sessions to get you over that hump and back to your habit change.

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Morning Thoughts

I am so grateful for my life.
I am thankful for Mars being on the bed with me right now.
Thank you that Elaine bought me a player last Christmas that lead to my Samsung.
I am grateful for attic fans that pull in cool air on hot nights
Thank you that Kris, Jett and they boys made it safe to the SC Beaches.
My life matters, I love on purpose
I allow only peaceful thought in my mind.
I am no longer curious about things that upset me.
All good things come to me in the perfect time and the perfect way.
My body is receptive to perfect health
I can have what I want even if someone close to me disagrees.
I always choose in my favor.
My good is universal
I am attractive to beneficial energies.

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Morning Affirmations

Wherever I am, abundance is already there, waiting for me to tune into it an recognize it, because it begins with me.

There is no shortage of anything good in the Universe; the only lack appears to be our lack of understanding of how to access that good and keep it flowing.

Abundance is an unseen field of energy that is everywhere and in everything.

The Abundance of the Universe is mine now, and I open up my consciousness to receive.

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Willingness not to fit in

Listened to a video from CSL Asheville

Willingness not to fit
Willingness to not fit
Pay the price for not trying to fit
I am willing to make my own way
Let go of all that is not true of me
I no longer compromise who I am.

Get to have a life when I am not compromising who I am
Don’t break down, break through
I give it up on the ‘think’ me and be whoever I want to be
When I want to step down, step up
When I want to give up, get up
When I think I am breaking down, break through
When I want to hold back, move out
When I want to constrict, expand
When I want to give up, hold on
These choices will allow me to live in a different way
Lean into my fear

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