Look forward

A friend shared this with me this morning and I felt compelled to share as well…

“Never allow yourselves to live in the past because when you are constantly looking back, you will never be able to see what is ahead of you.

Do not focus on the setbacks, failures and the people who have hurt you, if you do you will no longer live for today because you will become trapped in your yesterday.

Yes: you can learn lessons from the past – become better because of them, and use them to take your life to greater heights.

Do not become bitter rather become better by simply removing “I” and do not hold onto grudges [Grudges are nothing more than toxic memories of how someone made us feel.

Let go of it for your own benefit.

Today, look past your past and look forward with a renewed determination.

Forget what happened to you before. Forget who hurt you, used you or betrayed you.

Don’t give them any more power over your life.

Take back control and know that you are a better person because of the lessons you’ve learned.

You will find yourself grateful that you have come out of that situation much better, wiser and stronger than you were before.

Look forward with a renewed determination knowing that letting go of the past serves only to your benefit.”

Mantle of Power Ministries

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