Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the changes in me lately? Have you noticed that there is more ease in my life, that I do not gary on bars cell shapesget upset so quickly? What used to irritate me … I no longer have in my awareness?

It is my life play to have my bars run every week. I have a friend that I swap with as much as possible, and Elaine and I swap as much as possible. I would enjoy swapping with you also. What fun we could have.

Does this seem like something you would like to add to your life? The class is the Bars by Access Consciousness and we offer this class at Acorn Integrative Health.

Do not miss the whispers of your body asking you to learn this and swap with anyone in the local group for a weekly session. Your body and your life will thank you exponentially! Wonder what ease, joy and glory your life could be?


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