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PageLines- thomas_patti0053x4Web.jpgAll my life I have been answering a call to guide people to have a happier life and fulfill their dreams. Over the years I have studied many different processes to heal the mind, body and spirit. With each, I moved closer to my mission. In 2011, I had an illness and a near death experience. I was given another chance to fulfill my life destiny. Then I came to Life Coaching.

My life is filled with examples of what I bring to the table in coaching. For example, I attracted my last 6 jobs through the power of gratitude and affirmations. I attended and paid for all the classes and workshops, including coaching certification classes through the power of gratitude and intention. I have overcome health issues with gratitude including cancer in 2011.

I trusted Spirit to bring me to the things that I needed, often through the recommendations of my friends. With each new skill, I learned more about what works with different people. Most recently I have learned through the study of brain neuroscience, how to work with intention, thoughts, actions, gratitude, and affirmations to achieve far beyond what could be envisioned at the beginning of the coaching relationship.


When you are ready to explore your next step, call me on my private number:
(864) 884-4139 I will return your call within 24 hours.

Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator:
April 2015
Certified Transformational Life Coach: July 2013
Four Winds Society, Munay-ki: March 2009
Certified Advanced Biofeedback Technician: August 2007
Spartanburg Community College, Therapeutic Massage DACUM panel: May 2004
Certified Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy: March 2004
The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Certificate of Completion:  March 2004
Dream Dancing, Medicine Home: Fall 2003
Foundation for Shamanic Studies, The Way of the Shaman: Spring 2003
Velardi Institute, Med I & Med II, 2002
Furman University “Probing the Unknown” on Crystal Healing: November 2002
Crystal Academy of Healing Arts, Kauai HI, June 2001
Alpha School of Massage: Licensed Massage Therapist, April 2001 Lic. No. 2947
Mind Unlimited School of Hypnosis, Certified Hypnotist: July 2000
The Blooming Rose School of Metaphysical and Healing Arts,
Alternative Healing Certification: December 1999
The Blooming Rose School of Metaphysical and Healing Arts,
Usui Ryoho Reiki Master: November 1999
Advanced Manager Training School, Constitutional Typing: February 1990
The Silva Method, Silva Life Systems and Intuition Training : 1976

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