Weekly update 9-30-11

This has been a really good week!

Last Friday, my friend Lisa-Marie visited while Elaine had several clients. That evening we went to dinner with Barb at Ruby Tuesday’s on Pelham Road.

Saturday I basically hung around the house, did some sorting and clearing out, and rested.

Sunday, we stopped by Festival of Healing in Greenville. It was a great chance to walk around with very few children and see some friends I have not seen in a while. I noticed that some folks did not get the idea of no hugs. When my immune system is lowered by chemotherapy, a simple hug could create a situation where I might end up in the hospital. I never know if someone might have been exposed to a cold or flu during their day. So I am working on no hugs until chemotherapy is over. Also, I am not being around children. I miss my grandchildren but I want to make sure they have a grandmother when this is all over. I am sure you understand.

Monday Elaine and I drove to Columbia SC to get a copy of my birth certificate. It really was the only free day we had this week. Unfortunately, I was not able to see Kris while I was there. I could not give him enough notice this time. We got home late from this trip and I felt really tired from the day.

Tuesday I was surprised that I felt quite refreshed when I got up! We went to Lowes to purchase the screen door for my bedroom and found that since we needed to cut 2 inches off the door, screen doors would not work. After some thought, we purchase a hollow core paneled door. The height will be adjusted and we will remove some of the panels in the top part and replace that with screen. I will still have good circulation in my room this winter with the heat, and the cats will be out of the room.

Tuesday is acupuncture day, so we went to the Sports Club to see Joan after 7pm. This session and the last have really made a difference in how I feel! It energized me and cleared the fog from my head. Thanks Joan!

Sherman College is on fall break, and when the students are gone, the co-workers always have a pot luck meal together. Wednesday was the day. I put together a salad for myself and headed over to Sherman to see everyone and enjoy lunch. Extra wow how good it was to see everyone. You really don’t know how much you miss the rhythm of your life until you don’t have it, and then see it again. I guess that goes for many things in life. I spent a little time in my office, cleaning and arranging. We have guests coming to the college before I get back. I loved seeing everyone and am looking forward to October 11th when I will be back at work.

Herb had stopped by the house while I was in Spartanburg and we had a great visit after I arrived home. Herb had been in China for about a week on a consulting job. I loved hearing all about those adventures.

I wanted to take Elaine out for a nice dinner since I had been feeling well but we could not find a place we really liked and after driving around for a few minutes, we settled on Mutts. Yeah, they had shrimp and boy were they delicious! We both enjoyed the dinner.

The errands I did not get to on Wednesday were moved to Thursday. Our friend Magda came over for a bit and dropped off a fish dish for us and some other goodies.

After that, we drove into Spartanburg to pay car taxes and get stickers for the Camry. We stopped in at Be Natural for me to pick up a few things and visit with Cathe Banks. Laurie was at Abiada so we visited there for a few minutes and then home for Elaine’s client.

I rested a bit and drove over to Hobby Lobby and then Wal-Mart to return some things and do a little shopping. I still missed some things on the list so I will go back this weekend sometime.

This morning Jim from our church is coming to cut the door and hang it. Sherry is driving down from Charlotte to visit and bring two hats she has made for me. I still have my hair, yeah! At 530 Jean is coming to give me my first massage in a long time. The weather is beautiful and this should be a good day!

It was a busy week. I have one more before I start work and there is so much to get caught up before that. I am thankful that my energy continues to improve. At least this month has been a good experience and I am intending that all other months after chemotherapy be as easy.

Elaine and I are looking forward to a fun weekend and will catch you guys up next Thursday, my last Thursday before returning to work.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. Give me a call if you like.

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