Weekly update 11-13-11

We are coming up on the next treatment, Friday November 18th.  Monday I will get some blood drawn for lab work, Wednesday I will see Dr. Hunter and then Friday I will be at the Infusion Center at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

The mid-month blood work looked good to me.  We will have to see what Dr. Hunter says.

Not sure how I would get by without Elaine.  Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers.  She is handling everything for me, and for her, and the business.  Thank you Elaine for being my anchor!

By in large I am doing quite well.  Working my 25 hours a week, all is well there.  Of course I still fatigue easily, get out of breath quickly, bruises and scrapes take forever to heal, walking too much makes my legs sore for days and my immunity is low so I watch where I go and who I am with.  Still no contact with the grans but hopefully I can see them at the Jenkins family get together on the 10th of December.  We will see if all that works out.

Next month I will cut back on my cell phone minutes.  I am not getting many calls so no need to pay extra for unlimited.  My face book page is a good place for updates   between these posts http://facebook.com/pattileethomas.  Calling me is really the most reliable way to get with me if you want to meet somewhere or get together.  Please don’t use the internet for that.

Thank you for your prayers, cards and well wishes.   They mean more than I can possibly express.

And a special SPECIAL thanks to my family at Sherman College.  Your financial support is amazing and has made it possible to have this time away from work without a paycheck completely stress free, because I could pay my bills and medical expenses too.  May God repay you a hundred fold for your kindness and generosity!

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