Weekly update 10-7-11

As I share my week with you again, please remember that I do not include all the really hard stuff that is going on. That would not be my way and if you know me at all, you would already know that about me. I do want to say that this time has been one of great testing for me and for Elaine. Two no shows this week, and some more vandalism on the Acorn sign.

We cherish the help we have received. Thank you. Love and assistance has come from some very unexpected places and we do appreciate all of you that have gone out of your way to help.

Last Friday proved to be in interesting day. My friend Sherry was here from Charlotte and the hats are glorious! Jim was already here working on the bedroom door when she arrived. That took longer than we expected so lunch was delayed until after 2.

Sherry left after lunch. We had a great visit; it has been too long since we saw each other.

Elaine and I cleaned up the sawdust. I felt a headache coming on and was looking forward to the massage. However, Jean did not show up and did not call! In the middle of life, life happens.

The headache did not improve until late Sunday night. Most of the weekend I spent my time on the sofa or in bed. When the headache did subside, I was tired.

There was still one thing to do before Sunday was over. The roofers are scheduled to start on the house tomorrow morning. They will be taking the chimney off the house and down to the floor in the attic. The chimney is a real problem along with the hail damage from June. It had taken forever to have someone scheduled to work on the house! We called our friend Magda and she helped us get the stuff in the attic around the chimney.

Monday I woke up tired and out of breath. This became the theme for the week. I worked on the last of the paperwork for Medicaid. When I wanted to go for a ride, I discovered my car battery was dead. Rather than call AAA late in the day, I decided to call tomorrow. I had a big day and was thankful for the rest day.

Also on Monday the roofers failed to show. Argh! Elaine called and called but the guy would not answer his phone. This is very frustrating! They did not answer Tuesday either so we have to find another roofing contractor. Enough said about that!

I got my paperwork together for the Medicaid and called AAA. They arrived at 1130 and started my car. AAA is the best! I drove over to Sherman College and had lunch with my dear friend Charlotte first. That was very fun and a real break.

Went back to the office and made the copies I needed for the Medicaid and called the Gibbs Cancer Center for an appointment. Turned out they could see me around 3:15 so after filling up my car at Costco I went to Spartanburg Regional. I was glad to wait in the waiting area, gave me time to rest a bit. By the time we finished the paperwork, it was 430. I got turned around at the hospital and it took me a minute to find my way back to my car. I am so thankful that Marggi called with a question and I had her to talk to while I was wandering around. That helped me stay calm.

I rested a bit when I got home. Then it was time to go with Elaine to Acupuncture with Joan Massey at the Sport Club on Congree Road. I am so grateful for centering and grounding that acupuncture gives me, I addition to the healing.

Wednesday was a big rest day. Dr. Paul gave me my weekly chiropractic adjustment. Looks like he is finally ready to move into his new space, so I will be driving into Greenville for my weekly adjustments starting next week.

I wanted to shop for pants for work, but found I needed to rest more. I went for a drive late in the day and stopped in at the UPS store in Greer. Their copies are .04 on Saturdays and I have a few pdf’s I want copied and bound. I can drop off my stick with the pdf’s on Friday and pick everything up on Saturday. Good deal!

I paid my cell phone for another month with unlimited calling. I am not using it as much as I thought during this time, but wanted unlimited for this first month going back to work. Don’t know how many calls I will be making.

Kaplan and Gabrielle came by with some yummy food from Kathie. This was a gift from heaven. Elaine had clients all day and I was bushed from yesterday. Delicious and all we had to do was warm it up. Thanks Kathie!

Thursday Elaine had no clients scheduled so we had a leisurely morning and drove into the mountains shortly after lunch. We stopped at the apple barn for mountain cabbage. Elaine makes the best cole slaw and if you ever get a change to try so, don’t pass it up! We have some friends leaving on vacation Friday, so we called to see if we could stop in and see them. Yes! This was a great visit with lots of surprises and a fabulous meal. Safe travels Ed and Romella! We love you!

The only thing on my agenda today is to find some slacks for work that do not irritate my incision. But mostly I want to rest after yesterday’s big day.

I go back to work on Tuesday, October 11th. Looking forward to having a fixed schedule again. Elaine will be able to relax and get back to her schedule. I know she is happy about that too.

My next chemotherapy treatment is scheduled for Friday, October 21st.

I would like to share this quote with you from Steve Jobs in his commencement address to Stanford graduates in June of 2005. “… for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer had been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” This and other gems from his speech have been important to me this week.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I would love to talk with you.

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