Weekly update 10-16-11

Hope you had a great week. Thanks to everyone that called, or sent cards and stayed in touch. Thank you also to the large number of folks reading my CaringBridge journal. I love you all and appreciate your kindness and attention. It is heartwarming to see so many people interested in my well-being.

Last weekend I found some scrub pants that fit well, except they are too long. I hope to have the first pair hemmed this weekend. What a great idea Sherry, thank you so much! We also went to Weave the Web at Crystal Visions near Asheville. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the happy atmosphere. I was especially happy to see Joan, Blair, Emily and Jim. They looked happy to see me too! Sunday we went to Unity, and that is always a treat. Thank you Elaine, for taking me up the mountain. (Elaine had a good time too.)

Monday I hung around the house and did my best to be ready for work the next morning. I also worked on my paperwork for Greenville Hospital System, organized my medical bills and wrote a few more thank you notes.

For the past 8 weeks I have not ‘rushed’ very often. When you are taking it easy, rush just isn’t in your paradigm. Getting ready for work each day was more difficult that expected. My goal this past week was to be at work by 9am. That was a more aggressive goal than I realized!

It was absolutely fantastic being back at Sherman. Having a routine again feels so normal and regular. Being needed to do a task is good. There were some meetings at work this week, so there was a busy atmosphere. I liked that and it helped me have some space to get reacquainted with my job. You can not imagine how much you forget after 2 months of being away! In addition to working I had my regular stuff this week, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic. Putting all that in the mix together, I was very tired by Friday afternoon!

I know Elaine enjoyed getting back into the groove again without me at home full time.

My friend Carole was back in town to pick up the last of her stuff and I was able to go to a gathering for her. Yea! Yesterday I went to a Gluten Free expo to see what products are new on the market for us that are eating gluten free. Wow things have changed in the last two years. There are all sorts of stuff out there.

Medicare’s breast and cervical cancer program denied my application this week. I do not qualify for regular Medicare. I have completed my paperwork for Greenville Hospital System’s financial assistance program. Also I sent off copies of the letter from Spartanburg Regional’s financial assistance to all the good people that took care of me during my hospital stay, and surgery in hopes that some of those bills will be covered. It is so important to find funding for these medical bills. They are the folks that saved my life. Of course they deserve compensation for all their good work!

I work 4 days again this next week. I have blood drawn on Monday or Tuesday, see Dr. Hunter on Wednesday, start my pre-therapy medications on Thursday and have chemotherapy again on Friday.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. If you wish to call or come by, my cell is 864-xxx-xxxx.

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