I vision to become energetically the very thing that I am seeking to have, be, or know. ~ from Science of Mind

I know that Spirit sees everything. All sight dwells within the seeing of Spirit. Spirit sees everything because my eyes are Spirit’s eyes, your eyes are Spirit’s eyes … all eyes are Spirit’s eyes. I know that Spirit knows all inner seeing. Spirit lives within our innermost parts, the secret place of our hopes and fears. Spirit knows all these thing because Spirit is everywhere, even in all our secret places. Spirit says yes to our secret thoughts and our secret fears. There is nothing that is or is not, that is not made of Spirit stuff. Spirit flows everywhere and in everything. How wonderful to know that Spirit is always where I am. Spirit is what I am made from. Spirit is what I am. All that I am, all that I have, all that I dream, all that I imagine, all that I intend is Spirit.

Spirit sees and knows me. Spirit knows my deepest thoughts and my authentic self. I call forth my authentic self and my deepest vision to bring my perfect vision for my destiny. I know I am already moving on that path of my destiny, and I know that Spirit is with me and in me to guide me and give me vision for my step by step process. I am choosing my high destiny and am holding my courage close to my heart knowing that Spirit is with me to the full measure of my intentions. I know the deep vision of my destiny already is held in the Mind of Spirit and I declare that deep vision as my own. I own it and I know it.

This is the truth as I declare and I am stand in holy gratitude for this knowing. I am grateful for the vision of my destiny and I am grateful to own it. I know that what is sent, returns in like. I release this vision, this word, this truth and know that the Law of Mind returns it to me. And so it is.

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