The Power of the Pendulum

Classes are beginning at Windsong Spiritual Retreat.  Here are the details.

Using your pendulum to only get yes and no answers is like using rabbit ears for television.  It works, but reception can be fuzzy and you miss out on a lot!

Patti Lee teaches a unique active pendulum technique that increases your psychic abilities, improves your focused intent, and connects you to your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides in a simple and easy way.  You will develop your own charts for moving and clearing energies, increase your certainty and confidence in your answers, and know how to phrase your questions effectively.

Each month will be a different topic of focus.  Bring your pendulum, paper and pens for notes and designing your charts.

The second Monday night of each month.

$20.00 per class

Register at

Bio for this class:

Patti Lee Thomas is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and an empathic energy healer.  Her psychic abilities have been active since childhood.  She began her formal training in the 70’s and continues to study, currently seeking a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

Patti Lee has been using a pendulum and dowsing since the mid 80’s.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher in addition to studying Crystal Healing with Katrina Rafael, Spiritual Response Therapy with Robert Detzler (a pendulum based healing system), and Muscle Response Therapy with Darlene Haberer (deviceless dowsing). She has also studied with Raymon Grace.

Contact Patti Lee: 864-884-4139

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