That phone call from Kris

On my way to work today, Kris calls me and asks me to pull over to talk.  This can’t be good.  My thoughts go to grandson William, and daughter in law Jett.  Wonder if they are okay.  What is wrong?

Daddy fell yesterday and is in the hospital.  The nurses left a note on Kris’ car at his house.  Kris lives near the hospital and that is the only thing Daddy thought about. Daddy loves Kris so much and was so excited when he moved back from Japan and near his apartment.

Sitting in the parking lot at the church near my work, cars are going by and no one is paying any attention to me.  I feel really alone at this moment.  Kris has to get to work.  There I am.

Hospital call first I tell myself.  Dad is in a room and will have surgery later today.  I get all the details I need.

Call work and say I will not be in, and do not know when.  I am going to Greenwood and will call later.

Call Elaine.  Coming home to pack to stay with Daddy in the hospital and at his apartment.

Call brother Larry.  He will come tomorrow and meet me at the hospital.

Okay here we go.

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