That morning

To begin with .:.

I was sitting in my chair at the kitchen table, reading my spiritual magazine and writing my affirmations from the day’s article.  How interesting to go back and see what I was writing.


There is a joyous release of the past.

Life is sweet and so am I.

I am balanced in my creative flow.

I express my deepest gratitude to my precious body for the release and I appreciate my body’s amazing healing capacities.

There may be some discomfort, as there occasionally is with any release of something that has been securely held, but discomfort quickly passes.

I open myself to consider new ways to experience the amazing healing powers of my body.

My body knows perfectly what, when, and how to do her work.

I appreciate my body.

There is no biological reason my body should be flawed.


.:. At this point, it felt like I was peeing in my pants and thought I did but knew something else was going on.  When I stood up, blood gushed from me and puddled on the floor in about a 2 to 3 foot circle.  The chair was soaked too.  The blood was thick and coagulated and when I moved my foot, it folded.  That frightened me so I called out for Elaine to wake her.  When she responded, I asked to bring me a towel; I was in the kitchen and was bleeding.

I tucked the towel between my legs and told her I was taking a shower.  That usually made the bleeding stop.  Surly I was in shock, I had never bled like this before but I wanted to make sure I did not miss any time from work.  I don’t make much money, and any time away just makes things financially harder.

So I got into the shower, and did all the usual things, washed my hair, etc.  I looked down and I was still bleeding and the blood was stopping up the drain because it was so thick.  “Okay, I need to do something else”, I thought.

I turned around to shut the shower off, and got very dizzy.  THAT was when I knew I was in trouble.  I lay down in the tub for my head to stop spinning and for me to figure out how serious things were.  At this point I left my body and had a chat with my spirit guide named Blue.

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