Tapping at Acorn Integrative Health

Tapping is simple to learn and it can releases the ’emotional charge’ on memories and thoughts that pop up in your mind.  These stubborn thoughts and memories can get in the way when you are wanting to be your powerful self or make a change.  (Here is a tapping chart of the face points.)

We have been getting amazing clearing with our simple techniques.  As you come twice a month (1st and 3rd Tuesday) and learn how this works, then you can do it for yourself!

Elaine and Patti are not high tech and we do everything with a phone call.  So if you need clearer directions or get lost, you can call us the night of the class.  864-848-5291 You will not reach us if you text to this land line or use the message feature in Meet up.  Just give us a good old fashioned phone call.

Our meetup group is Upstate Medicine Tree Community.  Copy and paste the link and you can register for any classes available.  http://www.meetup.com/Upstate-Medicine-Tree-Community/


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