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456 Carolina Drive

Got a call from the assistant fire chief….the trailer burned at Carolina Drive. Dis-heartening!

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Grandmaster David Harris

We went to Denver NC today to see Grandmaster David Harris and learn about the updates on his SRC4U software. We were ready in the car by 10AM and we met our friend at the Burger King at I-85 shortly … Continue reading

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Daily Journals

Saturday — When I went to Barnes and Noble.  I noticed books that record a little statement about the day, each day for 5 years.  I did not purchase one of these books, but I really wanted to.  Instead I am … Continue reading

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Recently Summer Song and I have been talking about how to track things in our life.  I mentioned this to Froggie and she had no idea even how to go about tracking herself.  That got me to thinking about tracking.  … Continue reading

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Walking your Path

Does the uncommon person following their own path. I propose that IS what we are ALL here to do. We are creative. Are we to continually recreate duplicates of what has already been done? Copying who we thought are the … Continue reading

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Waking Up — a poem

Bad dreams, real life Wasted time in craft land What a world, filled with strife They don't want you to give them a hand Sometimes when I think about it Seems so crazy to me When will we all wake … Continue reading

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