It is always a curiously amusing situation to me when people are late for appointments, do not call, and have to run some errands on the way because ‘they are so busy’.  This is especially true when you are self employed.

Apache Woman has been seeing Summer Song for a while.  She is never on time and sometimes does not even show up.  This time, she had an appointment with me.  The appointment was at 4pm and Apache Woman arrives after 5pm with a huge story.  Her appointment was until 6pm.  We did what we could do and that was that.

There was a promise of being on time next week.  I will hold that promise out for her to step into.  People can change if that is their deepest desire.

It is a huge signal of lack of respect for others if you are chronically late or disrespectful by not calling or canceling appointments.

We all get overbooked occasionally … it is the repeated pattern that reveals many things.


Originally posted on Jaguarmen Live Journal

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