Post-operative follow up with Dr. Hunter

My progress is quite encouraging.  No bleeding and the exam went very well.  My hemoglobin is up, hurrah for eating home cooked meals of real food and excellent supplements.  Thanks everyone that has brought food.  You have no idea how helpful that is.  Bless you!

I have a much better understanding of the reasons behind the chemo and this gives me much peace.  Proper knowledge is so freeing.  Okay, so the chemo starts on Friday at Greenville Hospital System.

There is no room in the area for friends or family.  They wait in a seperate area.  Elaine will stay with me until I go back to the chemo area and I will call her when I finish.  They expect this first time to take all day.

Box lunch is provided or I can bring my own.  I will bring my own especially since I don’t eat bread and I bet the box lunch is a sandwich and chips or something like that.

Warm clothing is suggested since it can be cold in this area.  Friday is only going to be 66 the last I checked on the Weather Channel.  brrrr  I will be packing sweat pants, heavy socks, hat, gloves, scarf for the neck and a warm blanket.

I like this caringbridge thingie but I am really missing personal contact from you.  So if you would, give me a call.  I still am not doing well with email and such, but a phone call would be great.  home is 864-848-4699 or my cell is 864-884-4139.

Okay that is about it for now.  Thanks for your prayers, and cards.


Oh yeah, Ellen Hacko took some great pictures at the Unity Picnic.  As soon as they email them to me, I will post one here.  Maybe next week.

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