I know that Spirit is everywhere.  Spirit created all things out of Itself, out of its own stuff, and is all of the created world.  Everything is Spirit.  There is no boundaries to Spirit.  It is a close as my breath and as far away as the east is from the west and everything in between.  Wow!  Spirit is so much.  Spirit is everything!  Spirit is me.  Spirit is all knowing therefore I am all knowing.  Spirit is perfect.  I am perfect.  Spirit knows how to make a perfect body.  I have a perfect body.

I open to the perfection that is my physical body and declare that this is the true truth.  The truth is my physical was created perfect, had always been perfect and is perfect right here and right now.  There is no thought or belief more powerful than this truth.

I open to the truth of this.  Perfect health flows to me on this river of truth, and I am in the middle of the flow; the middle of the river of truth!
Yeah!  Perfect health
Yeah!  Perfect body
Yeah!  Perfect physical temple
How beautiful and marevlous this is.

Thank you for this truth, this love, this peace, this power.  Thank you!  And I release this thought into the Law and fully expect it to reflect back into my life.

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