Everything is Spirit.  There is nothing outside of Spirit.  All thought, all ideas, all health, all smiles, all love, all breath, all decay, all songs, all living and dying, all nursing home experiences, all dysfunctional famly squabbles, all loving family gatherings.  All these things and more are Spirit. There is only Spirit out there and in here.

The dust gathering on the tops of the furniture and at the edges of the floor in my house is Spirit.  The discharge in my pads is Spirit.  The blood in my body is Spirit.  The swelling in my lips is Spirit. The discomfort in Elaine's arm is Spirit.  Hermes butt is Spirit.  Mars cough is Spirit.  My deformed toenails is Spirit.  Kris' cavities is Spirit.

Sometimes I only think the good things are Spirit and the rest of the stuff is mistakes.  It is all Spirit.  It is all God.  It is God expressed in form through the thoughts of people.  And all things in my life are there expressed as my thoughts.

Mother's Day

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