New Direction

I just spent several days in bed with the flu.

Watchman Nee said that when you are ill, the only place to look is up.  Up is the traditional direction of divine help, not necessarily religious help.  So as I have been looking up since Saturday, I have discovered that my cluttered life needs a large open top dumpster.

In that open top I have put all the email thingies that I get on a regular basis, and delete without reading.  FINALLY I unsubscribed.  I have chosen a place to put my energies when I am not at my part time job at the College.  I must have more income, and the job market has not been kind to me.  No one has hired me part time or full time, after all the resumes and interviews.

I made some poor choices in the past, but that does not have to effect my now or my future.  I can begin again.  And I am.

It is the transition period between making the decision to begin again, and shifting your world that is the greatest challenge.  It is easy to be the same ole way instead of making new patterns.  One person I am reading said it takes 30 days in a row of consistantly doing something to make new neural pathways in the brain.


So that is why people give up so soon!  It is hard to be consistant for 30 days.

Especially when you try to do to many things at once.

So my first step while I am recovering from the flu is to clean up my email box, and my head.

Then my room, and make an office out of this mess in my room.

And make some money with my part time time in the afternoons and evenings, without compromising my health.

hip hip hurray!  A direction has emerged.

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