Mystery of the Universe

Reading "Writings of the Mystery of the Universes, A Prophecy Fulfilled, by Beverly J. Thompson.

Ancient earth writings that have true spiritual significance are codes for us to understand the universe – Bible, Upanishads, Torah – are all books of decoding symbols.

As I think about Sananda, I wonder if he is Blue in color.  I am from a race of blue beings in a previous lifetime.

I hold the power to travel the different dimensions withing all the planes of this universe – and others.  Give me the knowledge and remembrance to do his – and record my stories for myself and others.

It is all true – written or expressed from may perspectives. No ONE has all truth, however none is a lie, just a perspective – all channels – Abraham, Bev, Wes Bateman, Seth. We are speaking to you through many perspective, through many awarenesses and many beings.

I remember my dream of being in the dark magenta outfit with gold trim. Someone coming to escort me to Acorn Blue where there are many people gathers to hear me speak. Acorn Blue has a huge auditorium inside. My escort seems to be my son in my dream. I am a channel or teacher that draws great crowds.

Thank you for surfacing again.

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