Looking for what you want!

There IS something wrong in the world. We all instinctively know that we came into this world to have fun and to have everything we wanted. Then we get here, and forget how to do that. We are all creators of our personal realities.

As you improve how "you hold your mouth" and "where you put your eyes", life comes far more enjoyable. In other words, if you are looking for pain and hardship (or looking for it to make sure it is not there) that is what you will have. If you are looking for a joyful experience that is what you will have.

We get hung up in looking for that which we do not want; because we want to make sure it does not show up. We get what we put our attention on.

We are practiced in looking at all the things that are not working in our lives and the lives of others and in the life of God. What is working well?

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3 Responses to Looking for what you want!

  1. greensh says:

    There seems to be grey areas between the comforting words of others and the dogmatic edicts of others. The definition of each is personal.

    Is there a difference between the words of Ram Dass and Dr. James Dodson? They are merely words. Without integration and conversion into intention, they mean little by themselves. The question becomes, why do those who “follow” Ram Dass have concern of Dr. James Dodson’s words? Why is the latter also true, why do those who “follow” Dr. James Dodson have concern of Ram Dass’ words? Is it the man, the message, or the thoughtform(s) behind it all?

  2. Patti Lee says:

    Oh I had to respond to this.

    You may be right about the uncommon person following their own path. I propose that IS what we are ALL here to do. We are creative. Are we to continually recreate duplicates of what has already been done? Copying who we thought are the masters, like drones in a factory? Are we to regurgitate something someone else thought up, to follow the leader, do what you are told, get in line, etc.

    Something is terribly wrong with this idea. Who was the original person that thought up what we are all to follow. Somebody did, and we behold them as “great” and a “master”. In their time these great ones were taunted, persecuted and killed for the very ideas we consider to follow today.

    So lets be our own great ones, our own masters, our own destiny deciders. Within each religious tradition there is room to be great. Outside each religious tradition there is room to be great. You might have some folks think you are not towing the line and that you are bucking the system. People came here to be creative, and make a difference, and put their mark on the world, and help others.

    When you are not doing this, you are miserable. When you are under the weight of another’s expectations and you have the desire to achieve something else, you are miserable. This is how you know it is against your creators wishes. The Creator did not wish for you to be miserable. What does that serve?

    You are to be joyful in your walk. And you are joyful when you are making a difference in your world of influence, and when your are thinking up new ways to do things, and new ways to be, placing your mark on your world of influence, having people saying thank you for your contributions. THIS is the mark of a master, a great one, and a teacher extraordinaire. This is what we ALL desire in our hearts.

    In my opinion.

  3. greensh says:

    I was listening to NPR this week. A commentator was talking about the unsurity of life, reflecting on how people desperately want something solid or known in their life. Government and/or religion takes on this role. The political party or Lord God is seen as the rarified place of foundation in a see of turmoil. The more dogmatic the institution, the more enticing the solitude. IMO this is a cop-out. It is the uncommon person who turns away from these escapes, embracing their own path while realizing their own reality.

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