Intentions 6-1-13

to feel deep gratitude all day
to be in stay in a state of maximum healing all day
to meet people I like and who like me
to have bhbm
to release 1/2 lb of fat today
to remember what I need this week in Saturday class
to stay on our time schedule
to be okay with my dream board shiny
to be okay with biomat in Acorn
to have a positive mind set all day
to have inspired information for my business plan and write it down to complete that project tomorrow
To maximize my life plan today
To decide what can be decided today
to be okay with those things that I want settled but it is too soon to decide
to have lots of money flow to me in my joyous service
To see my W-2 work as part of how I serve Blue, the being on the earth with me, the spirits and my destiny
to know that nothing in my life is wasted
to be of service to E*
To grow in health
To put things on my Action Items list and allow the list to remember for me so my brain can rest
To become more comfortable with my new glasses
Safe travels, smooth flow of traffic
Find Ed’s church easily
Close parking

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