Habit change

Figuring out how to put your life back together after a long term illness or any other long term change, is more challenging than most expect. Habits that are established during that time are entrenched and stubborn.

The first step is to be gentle with how you speak to yourself about change. Your body, mind and spirit will respond more favorably to a kind, gentle, forgiving voice rather than a nagging, fault finding voice.

Habits established are easiest to change by replacing them with new, more empowering habits.  Here is a self help process.

  • Make a list of the habits you wish to change.  Check your list for your wording of each habit.  Make sure they are succinct.
  • Prioritize this list, marking the ‘parent’ habits and the ‘children’ habits of each parent.
  • The next step is to see if any parent group is a child of any other parent group.  When you see your habits in this perspective, you will notice that working on the parent instead of the children, could possibly shift the entire parent group at one time.  This gives you more leverage over how you change your life.
  • Start with the first parent or parent group habit and determine what you would like instead of that habit.  Take enough care and time to choose wisely, but don’t dawdle.
  • Once you know what you want instead, lay out your plans to step by step make the changes that you desire.  When your new desired habits are really habits (3 months minimum), move on to the next parent or parent group habit from your original list.

If you find you are stuck somewhere in the process, think about 2 or 4 coaching sessions to get you over that hump and back to your habit change.

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