Grandmaster David Harris

We went to Denver NC today to see Grandmaster David Harris and learn about the updates on his SRC4U software.

We were ready in the car by 10AM and we met our friend at the Burger King at I-85 shortly afterwards. We chatted while we drove to Gastonia. We stopped at Cox Road and ate lunch at the Ruby Tuesday’s there. The staff was so slow to get our bill, that we were late leaving for Denver. Our friend left her jacket and we were in a hurry.

That is when we discovered we did not have the directions! Oh my. Finally we got directions and hoped we would find the house. Once we found the Country Club, we still had to call to find out how to get to the house. We were now late :(.

I worked on my coaching studies and napped during the teaching session. Every time David put a session in the system for something for everyone there, I fell into a little nap.

There is a professional version coming out later in the year and they are offering the beta test of it to everyone present at this presentation at a discount. The Professional Version will be $10,777 when it is released.

We were among the last to leave, swinging by Ruby Tuesday’s to pick up the jacket. We dropped her off at Hamilton Inn in Gaffney. Her husband was waiting at the door for her.

We ate at Fatz for dinner. I had the key west fish and it was delicious! (Had to send the first one back because it was on a bed of rice with mushrooms and the menu did not indicate that.)

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