General update 12-4-11

Hi everyone, welcome to December!  Hope you had some fun things scheduled this weekend, and more fun on into the month.

I had blood work done last week and I pick up the report on Monday.  this is the one with the cancer antigen study.  Last month my numbers were real good.  I am expecting this month to be the same.

My appointment with Dr. Hunter this month is on Wednesday, December 7th.  I am planning to ask about scheduling my appointment in Spartanburg for radiation next year.  Maybe I will have something to report on that soon.  The radiation is the last treatment in my program for preventing the return of the cancer.  I will rebuild my immune system and feel better than I have felt in years.

I am planning to attend my Dad’s family Christmas luncheon on Saturday, December 10 at the Drake House in Lyman.  This should be fun and hopefully everyone will be healthy.  This will be the first time I have seen the grandchildren since July.  I know they have grown and are so big.  It is different to be with the family and no hugs.  It is only for a few more months.  I am so thankful to still be around.  Everything is a treasure.

Chemotherapy treatment is on Friday, December 16th as the little note told you when you read this post.  The November session was the easiest so far.  No reason to think this one will be any different, just easier!

We have plans to have a meal with my friend Sherry over the end of the year break.  No other invitations have surfaced.  I hope we can get to see Elaine’s family in Charlotte.  We may take some day trips during the week I am off work, depending on the weather and other factors.

Thank you to everyone that has called and visited.  That personal contact is so precious to me.  I almost lost all of you and you almost lost me.  Remember to tell the people in your life that are important, thank you for being there and you love them.  It is so good to hear that and it is so good to say.

Thanks for reading my posts and caring about me and caring about Elaine.  That morning I would not have been able to call the ambulance.  She saved my life. She has done everything for me when I could not do it for myself.  And when I could, she has encouraged me.  Thank you, Elaine!

Happy Holidays!

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