Since December 2010, I have made a conscious choice to change my life. This blog is part of that conscious choice. It is helpful for me to express my thoughts in an organized fashion. Writing is one of the most creative ways to explore what I am thinking, and how to change that thinking to create the life that I desire.

A major component of this change is that I am moving to a place where I use more conscious language. I watch what I say, and what I think. And as I observe, I find where I am thinking and saying the opposite of what I truly desire in my life. So, I am consciously changing what I think and what I say. I am happy to know this is a process and not an event. And I am aware that this is a lifetime process.

I am beginning to realize some changes in my life. And so the question, Are there positive conscious language people in my life? If not, how do I shift that so that there are more people on the same path as me, and in my life daily so we can support each other?

So far I have found that affirmations can be used to move me along on my creative path. I might choose some of the following affirmations to memorize, or write, or sing. This will fill me with a closer picture of what I want to create and therefore create it. Yeah!

There are family, friends and co-workers to support the new positive directions in my life.

Everywhere I go, people are there to help and support me.

There are always people to encourage me.

Spirit provides support and encouragement for me every day.

The Universe shows love to me by providing love, support and encouragement from the people around me all day, every day.

I have a great network of cheerleaders in my life.

There are lots and lots of people who lovingly support the positive changes I am making in my life. They are close to me, and we support each other with conversations.

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