First chemo experience

The nurses and staff at the Ambulatory Infusion Center at Greenville Memorial Hospital are just wonderful.  What a pleasant experience I had there with Wanda, Sheryl, Danielle, Barbara and Susan.  Thanks to them for making this experience easy.

Danielle explained all the details of the procedures and the meds they would be giving me.  I am glad Elaine was there to listen with me.  The first per medicine arrived at 10 and I was on my own.

The premedicines took about and hour to infuse and then we started with the first chemo medicine.  All was well for about 25 minutes then I had a reaction.  We started saline right away.  Then a shot and a 45 minute rest and we tried again at a slower rate.

Within 20 mintues the reaction started again.  Back to saline for a bit then a shot.  They would not try a third time.  I had a bite to eat, slept some and figgeted in the chair while we waited on the doctors office to approve going on to the next drug.

At around 2:30 or 3:00, the second chemo drug was infused at a slower rate and that did quite well.  I basically slept through this whole infusion.

Didn’t get any reading or writing done.  I am intending the next trip to be less dramatic and more peaceful!

Elaine picked me up outside at 5:15.  We met a friend for dinner and home to sleep sort of.  My head was filled with unending lists of things to do that really were not important.  Something they gave me got that going.  It will pass soon I am sure.  Sleep finally came and I know I will nap a bit this weekend to catch up.

Thank you all for keeping up with me.

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