Final Chemotherapy Session 12-16-11

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your support and reading my posts.

Today I had my final chemotherapy session.  Everything went well, and the usual bumps will move on out of my life in 6 to 8 weeks, maybe a bit longer.

On January 5th I will have my CT scan.  My prayer, plan, intention is that will be the last thing except regular checkups.

So this will be my last post on CaringBridge.  I am posting information on Facebook.  Just in case you still want to be updated and do not do Facebook, let me know by email, and I will send one email to those who express an interest when I have something going on.

Thanks to Ed and Romella for their financial donation to CaringBridge.  This is a free service to the people with the health challenge.

Thank you to all of you who called, visited, sent cards and wrote letters.  That personal touch means so much when you are cut off from society at large.

I am leaving this open for a few weeks to give everyone a chance to read the posts and leave me a message if they would like.

To all of you, count your blessings, we are all have such charmed lives.  Be grateful for your every breath, enjoy every meal, remind everyone that you love of how much you love them, and all those other folks, find a way to love them too.  You can change everything in your life, you really can.

I love you.  Thank you for your kindness and attention.

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