Field of Possibilities

In this early morning, I am so aware of the flow of energy from the field of possibilities. That is the flow I call Source, God, Blue, helper, friend, love! This flow is all there is and our attention to it causes the wave form of that flow to collapse into the things we expect. How beautiful is that!

Because this flow is all there is, then I am this flow also. And being this flow, this source, this helper, this friend, this love to myself, I choose today to collapse that wave form into a day that is filled with joy and happiness. I choose a day of smooth flowing actions, and collaboration and cooperation. I choose friendship, laughter and joyful expressions. I choose a day where everything goes my way. I choose a day that I create as I go, so this wave form can show up whatever I wish in the moment. I choose to notice what is different about today and rejoice in that difference.

And in this choosing, I know that there is a law operating in this wave form, that it does indeed collapse in the way I am expecting to see. This is law. So I release these words into the field, knowing that I receive what I expect. And so it is!

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