What’s going on

A quick note.  I return for the post op appointment with Dr. Hunter on Wednesday afternoon.  That morning I will have some lab work done which I hope I will hear the results the same day.  They did that in the hospital, but have no idea how it works out here in the ‘civilian’ world.

Also starting Friday September 16th my chemo treatments will begin at Greenville Hospital.  Hoping I will get details on Wednesday and will share with you as soon as I am able.

Last Saturday we had the Labor Day picnic at church (Unity of Greenville).  The food was great, the music so perfect and I loved all the hugs.  Thank you!

Today, Elaine and I went to Looking Glass falls and Sliding Rock (I had never seen Sliding Rock) and then on to the picnic area in Pisgah Forest just off US64.  We had our chairs with us, and sat by the river and just enjoyed the sounds of the river and collected a memory rock and some buckeyes.  Way fun!

Have a good week!

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