Do you receive well?

Some have this notion that giving is better than receiving.  Okay, so if all you want to do is give, who is going to receive?

Do you know how to receive from others, and from your manifestations and from the Universe? And from God?  Do you know how to say thank you.  Does your mind have a critical comment about receiving an unexpected gift?

If you are a giver, learn to be a receiver.
If you are a receiver, learn to be a giver.

When we discount an unexpected gift because our mind has a critical comment and we voice that, we are being selfish and taking away the joy of giving from the giver.

Receiving well adds more blessing to the giver, and to the receiver.

Listen to the critical comments in your head right now.  Write them down.  Analyze them.  Is there work to be done about your beliefs about yourself and this beautiful world?


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