Direct Sign

Again, I ask for a direct sign, a surprising and wonderful sign from he field that I made a connection with you this morning as I wrote my affirmations. I ask that you make the sign so surprising and so far beyond coincidence so that I will have no doubt it came from you!
I carefully guard my thought
I revel in who I really am
Abundance shows up in my life right here, right now
I program my future
This is the best decade of my life thus far
All that really does matter is love
My body now restores itself to its natural state of good health
My income is constantly increasing
I am passionate about life
I bless and prosper everyone around me
I forgive and set myself free
I am always well
Everything will appear at the right time when it is supposed to
Wonderful things are unfolding before me
My intention is to do only good
I now choose to grow and change
I am doing everything right
I broke out of my caged life
I live the life of risk and reward

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