Coaching Process

Intuitive coaching with Patti Lee has a high level process structure. You may use this map as you think about your coaching process.


Using charts and intuitive tools you become clear about where you are and how your dream could change your life.


Through guided meditations, crystals, divine imagery and more, you design a complete vision of what your life will be like after you process through your changes.  You step into that precious vision to complete this step.


Experiencing the delicate balance between imagination and energy shifts to give you certainty and a sure commitment, you begin the work to transform your conscious and sub-conscious minds.


Using your exacting right brain, you design an overview and detailed plan to implement your vision to change your life.


Goals and action steps are developed for your next step.  This is an ongoing process as you work through your plan, step by step, reframing and revising as you move forward with your new life.


If you work this process on your own and find yourself stuck, consider 2 or 4 coaching sessions to get you over that hump and back to your process.

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