Changing long term habits

On May 20th I posted the following comment on Facebook:

Figuring out how to put my life back together after a long term illness (and most folks only know about the conclusion because it was dramatic) is much more challenging than I expected. Long term habits established while in the long term illness stage are more entrenched and more stubborn than anticipated.

So happy I will be in coaching school in September and graduate next early summer. I can coach myself as I learn and then help others that desire to change long term habits. Loving how this has been set up for me!

.:. End

Today I am still thinking about the comment.  I had the privilege to go to a training boot camp on Saturday about running a business.  Since I am going to school this fall to be a coach, I was thankful for the opportunity and took advantage of it.

Very little of the information was new.  HOWEVER it has been a long time since I have being around positive, successful business people doing what they love, and teaching others the secrets of a positive, success business.

What a breath of fresh air.  It was so fresh it nearly knocked me down.  Boy, I can remember when I had that attitude, enthusiasm and zest for life.  You know, and I know, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

So in addition to being happy about coaching school starting in the fall, I am ecstatic about my new business connections with positive, success business owners.  Some things on my list of goals for the universe to bring to me slid into place this past week.  Very good.  Very, very good.

There are moments that I am amazed at what will come to me, if I just ask and believe it is on the way.

Wake up!  I can have what you want.  There is always work involved, but the first part is the mental part, then the spiritual part, and then the work.  When I take care of the mental and spiritual part first, the work is easy and fun.

Don’t let anyone talk me or you out of our dreams, especially us!

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