Below Quarks

Below the atom, the electron, the neurons, the protons and even smaller than a quark, is a place of magic and mystery called the quantum field. In this field there is energy and matter. Bits are matter are morphing into energetic wave forms and wave forms are becoming matter. THIS is the place where creation begins. This is the mind of the Divine. This is where all things are created and uncreated. This is where source flows into our being, from this mysterious quantum place. And this place is in everything and is everywhere. This place is in the air, water, earth and fire. This place is in the sky and below our feet. This place is in earth, in the stars, in the galaxy and in all galaxies. This is creator.

I am creator. I am – because that same magic place is inside me and around me. Inside my cells, inside my tissues, inside my organs, inside my systems, inside my brain and is connected to my mind. My mind is a control panel of sorts related to this magic place. Because I know that what I think, I become, and so does my world. Not just what I think casually, but that inside voice that speaks all the time, and reacts to the solid world with thoughts, that voice, that me create my world. And it is that voice that controls everything, and it is that voice that I am master over. Master either by allowing that voice to go willy nilly on it’s own thinking whatever it wants, or master by practice, by choice, by training, my self discipline and duty to the creator. I am creator and as that, it is my choice to be what I intend to be, or my choice to just let things happen from that willy nilly voice. I have a CHOICE of who or what is creating my life, my thoughts, my body, my world, my family interactions, my fear or peace, my love or my hate. I choose.

So today I choose the voice of the creator over the voice of willy nilly. I train my thoughts until the only thing running in my mind are thoughts that support me and my life. I renew my thought with affirmations. I give room in my thoughts for gratitude. Gratitude is the way that bends the physical world to our thoughts. And knowing that I am grateful.

I am in deep gratitude for knowing of this magic place, these creator thoughts and the way of the peaceful. I am so grateful for the way this is created because I have a choice. And I choose life, I choose health, I choose happiness, I choose uplifting thoughts about myself and others, I choose to see us as one, I choose to believe that what I do to myself I do to everyone on the planet. If I am kind to myself I am kind to others.

And now that I have stated my knowing and my choices, I look to the law that is this magic and I say hello, I see you. And I allow this thought to move into this magic place knowing that what I send there, comes back to me as manifestation. And I am grateful for my beautiful world and the magic that creates it. And so it is.

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