Being practical

A friend encouraged me to put this out to my CaringBridge family since we are needing help in several areas.

Meal preparation:  If you can provide some menu items that we can heat and eat, that would be most helpful.  There are dietary restrictions and I will list them here so you already know if you can help.
No peppers of any kind, including black pepper
No mushrooms, dairy (milk and milk products), gluten (wheat flour etc.), eggplant, olives, celantro.

Trips to Attic: Along and along, we will need help putting up and getting down things from the attic.  We have the pull down stairs type and a very short full attic.  The attic is somewhat organized so that will make thing easier.

It is best to arrange this with Elaine since she will be coordinating all this around her client schedule.  Our phone number is 864-848-4699.

Thank you to everyone that comes to our assistance.  Remember, my chemo treatments will lower my immune system and any exposure to bugs and germs could create a major problem.  So, when you come to the house, please remember to come only if you are healthy, and leave your children and pets at home.

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