This past weekend we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  Amazing that this section of my life has been going on for 10 years.

Went to our favorite Native North American store and I got a shorter silver chain for last years anniversary gift so I can wear it with my zero point necklace, then to the apple barn for yummy apples (without the wax thank you very much).  On to Crystal Visions and into Asheville to look around and get supplies at Earth Fare.  That store is so cool, much cooler than the local one.

Saturday we stayed late at home, went to Octoberfest locally (bummer) and then to a stump rally for the music.  It was not the type of bluegrass I prefer, but the food was good and we got to meet the candidate.  woo hoo :]

Sunday we goofed off around the house.

What a wonderful relaxing weekend.  Apparently we were both exhausted from the pace of our lives for the past few months and really needed this down time.

Okay….back to my regularily scheduled life.

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