All in one place

Well, thankfully all my miscellaneous blog posts are in one place now…here! These would be items from previous written journals that I want to keep, posts from caringbridge when that was needed in 2011 and 2012, posts from my ‘named’ blog that I want to convert to something else, and all the stuff I had on live journal because I got tired of their format.

Now that everything is in one place, and I love love love this theme, I realize my categories (which are across the top) need some serious re-thinking. That will take place over time. For now I want to make sure that I start posting on a regular basis so that my written journals don’t fill up with what is here.

WONDER if I would like to put the things that are in my butterfly book here? Maybe, depends on if I can figure out how to make some posts private and I can still see them.

Will experiment with that.

Special thanks to Charlotte for listening to me whine about technology and what I lost of my school work this week.

Deep gratitude for life in general and life specifically. We are all so blessed to be on earth!

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