7 attributes of God

7 attributes of God, peace, power, beauty, joy, love, life, wisdom.

Peace – God is all there is and all is well
Power – Divine inner strength through which all things are possible
Beauty – the appreciation of divine presence dwelling in, thorough, and as all life
Joy – the expression of fullness and wholeness that bubbles up for all to see
Love – the presence of God revealed
Life – divine presence expressing through every word and every action
Wisdom – the application of Divine understanding

Thank you John Waterhouse

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3 Responses to 7 attributes of God

  1. Patti, you are whole and filled with life!

  2. Patti Lee Thomas says:

    It is great to have such valuable information right on the computer. What a blessing! Thank you Dr. John and Rev. Barbara Waterhouse.

  3. Deborah Belcher says:

    I see you’ve been listening in!

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